Dubai visa for Syria Passport

Dubai visa for Syria Passport​

Dubai is one of the best Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. There are also many opportunities to get jobs/work, shopping malls, and desert places to visit. Hence, everybody wishes to travel to all the incredible locations of Dubai. If you belong to Syria and wish to visit Dubai, then a Dubai visa for a Syrian Passport is significantly important.

E Visa Dubai is an online visa and immigration service provider. It has an experience of 22 years in this field. We have an experienced team that feel happy to assist you to get a Dubai visa for your Syria passport. E visa Dubai offers an E-visa to its applicants as well as stamped visa. The visa processing time is too less as comparison to others.

Dubai Visa Processing Steps

Fill the application

Pay the fee

Submit the application

Syrian Citizens can Dubai visa apply online for an Oman passport using the “E Visa Dubai” portal. On this website, you can easily apply for transit visas, tourist visas, visit visas, jobseeker visas etc. You can also get detailed information about Dubai visas for Syrian Citizens.

Types of Dubai Visa for Syrian Citizens

Depending on the validity and type of entry, there are various types of Dubai visas available for Syrian citizens. You should research which visa is best for you based on the duration and purpose of your trip before applying for a Dubai visa. Depending on the type of visa you choose, different visa fees apply for Dubai.

To assist you in making your decision, the list of Dubai Visas for Syria is listed below:​

Transit visa: A 48-hour transit visa and a 96-hour transit visa are the 2 types of transit visas. If you are traveling to another country and will be stopping in Dubai, you have to apply for transit visas . It has only one entry.

14 days Visa: For those who intend to visit the UAE for a short duration, such as for business meetings, conferences, events, tourism, transit stays, etc., this visa is advised. This 14 days Dubai visa is valid for 60 days with a stay validity of 14 days. It is available in two variants: 14 days Single Entry & 14 days Multiple Entry Visa.

30-day Visa: For those who want to travel to the Emirates or visit family and friends in the UAE, this type of visa is advised. There are two types of 30-day visas for Dubai: 30 days single entry and 30 days multiple entry. Both visas have a 60-day validity period with a 30-day maximum stay. However, if you have a multiple-entry visa, you can enter and leave Dubai more than once during the course of the 60-day period.

60 days Visa: This visa is the best option if you plan to stay in the UAE for an extended period of time. You are allowed to stay in the UAE for a maximum of 60 days. That is an efficient time to explore Dubai. This visa is of two type: 60 days Single entry Dubai visa and 60 Days multiple entry Dubai visa.

90 days tourist online Dubai visa: Compared to other types of visa, this one allows people to stay in the country for a longer period of time when applied for. 90 Days Dubai Visa is preferred for long vacations, business training, and visiting relatives or friends. It also comes with 90 Days multiple entry Dubai visa.

90 days job seeker online Dubai visa: This visa is issued to the job seeker who are willing to work in Dubai. The stay period for this visa is for 90 days with single entry only. 90 days Job seeker Dubai Visa is a type of visa for those who want to search job in Dubai.

Documents required for Syrian citizens to apply for Dubai visa

  • Scanned copy of national ID card.
  • An active E-mail ID.
  • The passport must have at least two blank pages and be valid for at least six months.
  • Scanned copy of a passport-size photograph with a white background.

Some additional documents may be also required for Bhutanese for a Dubai visa

  • Visa copy of the country you are travelling to (in case of transit visa).
  • Confirmed return air ticket (not mandatory)
  • Birth Certificate for the child (age below 18 years)
  • Bank account maintenance covering letter.
  • Character certificate from Police

Point to note:

  • We are not offering any kind of work, job, or employment at Dubai.
  • To update the OK to board status, kindly submit copies of your flight tickets 48 hours prior to departure.
  • A scanned copy of documents that must be in .jpeg format.
  • Check your ability before apply the Form.
  • Dubai Visa is recognised across all the constituents of UAE.

Dubai Visa Application Process for Syria Passport

Syria citizens can apply for a Dubai visa online if they intend to visit Dubai for any purpose. The visa process may be different according to the type of visa and source of application. “E Visa Dubai” provides you with a very simple step to get a visa.

A Dubai visa is easy to obtain in four steps.

  • Pay the fees for visa online using our secure payment gateway.
  • Submit all your documents and photos
  • After verification we will process your visa application.
  • You will receive an email with your Dubai tourist visa.

Click on the given link to know in detail How to apply for a Dubai visa. Your Dubai visa will be sent to you via email within 10 working days of the transaction being successful.

What to do when you arrive in Dubai?

  • When you get off the plane in Dubai, go to the immigration desk to get your immigration checked. Have your passport and the necessary paperwork on hand for verification.
  • Head to the baggage claim to collect your bags after passing through immigration (if any)
  • After that, you must pass through customs. Make sure there are no prohibited items in your possession.
  • After that, you can leave the airport and begin to enjoy your time in Dubai.
  • Adhere to all of the UAE government's rules and regulations.
  • Remember all of the emergency numbers in case you need them.

UAE Visa Extension for Syria Passport

Do you want to stay in Dubai longer? Here is all the information you require regarding Dubai’s visa extension procedure.
A Dubai visa can be extended twice with an extended validity of 30 days. There are many ways to extend your visa. But also some restrictions too. Only those visas can be extended which are eligible. Once your visa expired it can’t be extended. So extend your visa before expiry.

A Syrian citizen can extend a Dubai visa without checking the Dubai embassy. You may extend it online from anywhere and at any time. “E Visa Dubai” extends your visa in a very low time.

The documents required for Dubai visa extension are:

  • Scanned copy passport of the applicant.
  • Scanned passport-size photographs.
  • Scanned copy of the expired visa/old tourist visa.
  • Proof of stay

Reasons for Dubai visa rejection

“E Visa Dubai” visa success rate is 99.9% due to awareness and easy format of visa application. Even if you provided the proper documentation, there is a chance that your Dubai visa application will be denied.

The traveller must make sure they read the eligibility requirements for a Dubai visa before submitting their application. The right information must be provided, along with a check of the necessary documents.

Here are a few of the grounds for Dubai visa denials.

  • If the proper documentation hasn't been submitted.
  • If your visa application form contains errors.
  • If your passport lists a low-skilled occupation, such as a farmer, labourer, housekeeper, etc.
  • If you are a female under the age of 23, travelling alone,
  • if you have a history of misconduct or crime.
  • If you failed to use the Dubai visa for which you previously applied.

Dubai Immigration has the final decision on whether or not to grant a visa for Dubai.

What Our Clients Say About Us


Approval from immigration must be received before entering the UAE. Except for the 96-hour and 48-hour visas, valid for 30 days from the date of issuance, all visas allow the holder to enter Dubai for 60 days beginning on the day the visa was issued.

Tourist visas for the United Arab Emirates may be obtained for either 30 or 90 days, with a single or multiple entry option, depending on the traveller’s plans. Tourist visas may each be renewed for an additional 30 days, up to a total of 60 days, without the holder being required to leave the country.

The usual amount of time is between 24 and 72 regular business hours. The length of time necessary for visa acceptance is contingent on eligibility and several other variables.

Yes, it is possible to get a visa for Dubai using the expedited service using your online application.

The validity term is sixty days for a visa to Dubai that may be obtained online and is valid for sixty days. If you need additional time in the UAE, you may have the visa extended for an additional period.

We strongly suggest you apply for a visa that will allow you to stay in Dubai for sixty days rather than purchasing a second visa, which would require you to pay an additional price.

If the visa’s validity period has passed, you will be required to get a new visa for Dubai.