How To Apply

Select your Dubai visa type

After clicking on the “Apply Now” button you will be redirected to the Dubai visa Application form. Select here your nationality, choose the visa type, and fill in basic details. During filling out the form, Make sure the details provided should be correct and the same as the Documents.

Step 1

Pay the Visa Fee

After entering the details of the applicants your next step will be to pay Visa Fee. Please note we use an SSL certificate and 256-bit encryption that allows you to perform a secure payment.

Step 2

Upload Documents

Once you pay the Visa fee you will redirect to upload Documents. Please collect all related documents before applying for the form. To know the required documents please check your visa page.

Step 3

Review and Submit your Form

In the next step, you are advised to Re-check your form and submit it. Once you submit your form, it will be sent to processing and you will receive a token number that can be used for tracking your Application. As your application is approved, An E-visa will be sent to your email address and the same to the Communication address.

Step 4